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In early Egyptian mythology, Mafdet (also spelt Maftet) was the deification of legal justice, or rather of execution. Thus she was also associated with the protection of the king's chambers and other sacred places, and with protection against venomous animals, which were seen as transgressors against Ma'at.

Since venomous animals such as scorpions, and snake, are killed by felines, Mafdet was seen as a feline goddess, although it is uncertain whether she was meant to be a cat, panther, or mongoose. In reflection of the manner in which these animals kill snakes, her name means (she who) runs swiftly, and she was given titles such as slayer of serpents.


In art, Mafdet was shown as a feline, or a woman with a feline head, or a feline with a woman's head, sometimes with braided hair which ended in the tails of scorpions. She was also depicted as a feline running up the side of an executioner's staff. It was said that Mafdet ripped out the hearts of wrong-doers, delivering them personally to the pharaoh's feet, in a similar manner as domestic cats present people with rodents or birds that they have killed or maimed. During the New Kingdom, Mafdet was seen as ruling over the judgement hall in Duat.

Her cult was eventually replaced by that of Bast, another cat-goddess, who was seen as the pharaoh's protector.

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