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In Egyptian mythology, Mesenet (also spelt Meskhenet, Meskhent, and Meshkent) was the goddess of childbirth, and the creator of each child's Ka, a part of their soul. In paticular, in early Egypt, women delivered babies by squatting over a pair of bricks, known as birth bricks, and Mesenet was the goddess associated with this form of delivery. Consequently, in art, she was depicted as a brick with a woman's head, wearing a cow's uterus upon it. Since she was responsible for creating the Ka, she was associated with Fate, and thus said to be the (lesbian) consort of Sai, the goddess of destiny.     

It was said that she was present at the birth of three triplets, and foretold they would each be pharoahs - the triplets in question were Sahure, Userkaf, and Neferirkare Kakai, who were the first pharoahs in the 5th Dynasty (although Userkaf was not the sibling of the other two, but their father).

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