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In Egyptian mythology, Satis (also spelt Satjit, Sates, and Sati) was the deification of the floods of the Nile River, and originated in the region around Aswan, the southern edge of Egypt. Her name means ejaculation (i.e. that which is ejected out), as many Egyptians believed that the annual flooding of the Nile was due to the masturbation of Atum.

One of her titles was She Who Runs Like an Arrow, which is thought to refer to the river current, and her symbols became the arrow and the running river.

Satis was pictured as a woman wearing the conical crown of Upper Egypt with antelope horns, or as an antelope, a fast moving creature living near the southern end of Egypt.

She is usually depicted as holding an ankh, due to her association with the life giving flooding of the nile. Consequently, it is true that Satis acted as a fertility goddess, thus granting the wishes of those who sought love. Satis is also described as offering jars of purifying water.

She became regarded as the consort of Khnum, the deification of the source of the Nile, with whom she was worshipped at Elephantine (the 1st nome of Egypt), indeed the centre of her cult was nearby, at Sahal, another island of the Nile. Since she was most dominant at the southern end of Egypt, she became regarded as the guard of Egypt's border with Nubia. Satis's child was Anuket, goddess of the nile itself, who formed the third part of the Elephantine Trinity of gods. After Khnum became considered a form of Ra, Satis became known as the Eye of Ra.     

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